Winter 2002 Graduations

These two friends are happy to have begun studying

together months ago and to have graduated together

in December. Although one is a teenager and

another is a mother, they have bridged the generation

gap and have become friends.

The teachers, 3 of them shown here next to Mr. Avellani (far left),

all had the opportunity to speak to the students to congraduate

them and to wish them luck in their future endeavors.

Students are given the choice of blue or yellow caps

and gowns, the school colors. This Salvadorian

proudly displays his diploma and shines in yellow!

A student receives his Computer I diploma. This

student has attended at least three months of

classes, has passed the final examination, and has

shown competence in using the computer during

the classes.

Here, the audience patiently waits for all of the students who graduated

to come back from taking photos with the cap and gown. They are eager

for the graduation raffle to start.