Summer 2003 Graduations

This student proudly shows off his High School

Equivalency (GED) Preparation Diploma after

completing all 5 tests. He now plans to attend


Husband and wife graduate together. The husband

graduated from our English II class and and the wife

graduated from our English I class. The husband is

currently studying for his GED so he can join the

U.S. Army.

This student is very excited about her English II diploma.

Here, Director Dominic Avellani and the student's

teacher congraduate the student in the center on

obtaining his English II diploma. This student is a

hair dresser and he would like to speak better

English to have more American clients.

Computer Teacher Ren Avellani poses with Aziz,

a computer student who completed Computer I.

Azziz is currently studying for his High School

Diploma (GED).

Here we see Director Dominic Avellani congraduating a young man

on his English II completion at the Summer 2003 Graduations.