Lenny Zakim Radio Show WBZ

Three staff members of the Center were honored

and privileged to attend a Lenny Zakim Fund radio

spot on the Jordan Rich Show on WBZ Radio,

AM 1030 which reaches 38 states! The show was

aired live on Sunday, December 20th 2009 at 10 PM.

The focus of the 1 hour radio spot was how the

Lenny Zakim Fund is very important in helping

communities, still going strong 10 years after Lenny's

passing. Lenny came to the Center several times and

was both a guide and an inspiration. Shown above

(left to right) are Ren Avellani (Center Assistant Director),

Dominic Avellani (Center Executive Director), Kevin

O'Malley (LZF Board Secretary and Lenny's best friend),

Jordan Rich (WBZ), Jude Goldman (LZF Executive Director),

and Antonia Alen (Center Teacher/Nurse).

The Center was joined with the Chelsea-based

organizations Shanbaro Community Association,

serving the Somali Bantu community, and the

Chelsea Collaborative, serving Chelsea's Latino community.

One representative of the Chelsea Collaborative

even mentioned having the Center Director,

Dominic Avellani, as a Guidance Counselor many

years ago while her mother learned English and

became a U.S. Citizen at the Center in 2009.

Small world! A world of Building Bridges between

communities as Lenny Zakim always wanted it.